Garden Flowers

Well the weather for May was unseasonably cool but it didn’t bother me because I’m not very partial to heat but today we got socked with temperatures up in the high eighties. I’m not too sure what the high was because I stopped looking at 10:30 a.m. when it was about 86 degrees Fahrenheit (yes I’m old school it should be in Celsius).

Anyhow I rushed down to take some pictures of the poppies in the garden because with the heat I’m sure they will be blooming soon. The couple of iris buds that were closed yesterday where open today and and I do have one red poppy showing. It should be a real treat in the next couple of days when they all pop open and I wanted to have a record of it.

Along with the flowers starting to bloom the weeds have come back with a vengence. It took about 3-4 weeks of work on the gardens to get them dug and weeded but you wouldn’t know it. The thistles have really deep roots and they’ve all come back including some in the raised bed that got put in. John sprayed them with round-up today, well most of them so I’ll leave them alone for a couple of days then dig them out. There doesn’t seem much point in digging out the weeds to turn around in three weeks and do it again. We’ll see if this works.

I got carried away taking pictures so here are a few.

One of the poppy beds in the back garden.


Star Columbine.

Purple Iris.

Raised Bed with a sorry assortment of veggies.

Some strawberries in second raised bed.

The dreaded thistles.

Pampas grass, it never seems to do well and always takes forever to come up after winter. Two miserly blades.

Cosmos, there must be a dwarf variety because these don’t seem to grow over a foot tall.

Forget-me-nots. These were growing outside the garden border as weeds. They will take over the garden if you let them and despite ripping them all out they’ve managed to find a spot to grow.

Columbine the usual variety.

Bleeding Heart.

I forget the name of this one, just that I bought it for shade.

I have other plants growing but I’ll save those for a rainy day?


3 responses to “Garden Flowers

  1. Love that red poppy…..fantastic and the flag Iris.
    Here in Australia Pampas grass has been declared a noxious weed. We used to have some when we lived in a pretty coastal town in Eastern Victoria.
    Looks lovely but apparently goes feral here. not sure if it is all Australia but certainly Victoria.
    Think you could keep in in a large pot maybe..

  2. You don’t see much of it here, sometimes along the roadside but I think the winter is very harsh on it. Now having said that it’s quite possible that other gardeners that have it do find it to be a weed but my small clump never seems to grow very large and I’ve only ever had it produce a couple of flowering heads. It is possible that it just doesn’t grow in my garden.

    I did try to keep it in a pot the one year but I was too lazy to bring it in for the winter and the roots must not have been able to cope with being frozen. The stuff is really expensive in the nurseries they charge anywhere from $7.99 to $12.99 for a small pot of the stuff and it always seems to be sold out.


  3. Beautiful flowers Wish I had some here.

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