Oven Towels Done

Well I finally finished all of the towels for the shower in August. I ended up crocheting 28 towels and giving away two for the oven towels tutorial so I have 26 left for little thank you gifts for the wedding shower guests.

Oven towels for wedding shower.

I took a photo of the poppies so that people could see the after picture. My flowers have turned out nice this year but there is always the problem of trying to stake them so they don’t fall over. I haven’t figured out how to do that with the poppies, oh well.

Poppies, one of three beds.

I received the swirl swap in the mail that we did last month. I did this same swap last year as well so I now have enough squares to make a quilt but I’ll hold off on that until after I finish beading the scarves for the bridesmaids but I thought I’d post a picture so people could see the different colours.

Swirl swap 2008

And finally I’m posting a picture of the material I received from “Thousands of Bolts”. I had placed a small order a few weeks ago and was pleased with the quality of the fabric so decided to order more. Well because I live in Canada and the online store is based in the states shipping costs are always a factor so it was cheaper per metre to order 30 yards instead of six at a time so yes I ordered 30 yards. Needless to say I was so pleased I ordered another 30 and I’m waiting for them to show up in the next couple of days, then I can probably safely say I’ll call it quits for quite a while until I use up some of the fabric.

30 yards of assorted colours from Thousands of Bolts (well not actually I seem to have chopped off a few yards when I took the picture).

The fabric on average is around $3.85/4.15 yard for cottons and around $5.95 yard for batiks. With the taxes and shipping it works out to less than $6.00 yard which is far cheaper than what I’d pay here at the fabric or quilt store; it’s even cheaper than Walmart, which by the way is closing down the fabric department in their stores in our area.

I’ve checked around the Internet and these are pretty good prices. I wouldn’t be ordering the fabric otherwise. Some of the fancy name brand fabrics go for around $9.95 yard and thats a bit to rich for my blood. The quilt would have to be pretty special for me to out-lay that kind of money especially for buying fabric over the Internet rather than in person. I’m not even sure I could get the same prices if I crossed the border and bought at JoAnn’s so I’m happy.


5 responses to “Oven Towels Done

  1. 60 yards of fabric wow do you have anything inperticular for this fabric? Your poppies look beautiful wish I had some flowers here. Those spirals are nice quilingto make a really quilt top. Those towels should go over good at the shower one more item checked off your list. 🙂

  2. Have you used their search engine and found all the fabrics in one range and then gone on to put them in a wish file (I think) and from there you can put them on a preview board and see how the colors work together.
    14 at a time if I recall correctly and it is very good for blues. So easy to see what will work together and what will not.
    I also like to see all the colors in a range which you can do there. It is not only one of the best priced, but one of the best laid out websites in my oh so humble, but shopping a lot, opinion.

  3. Your spirals look great Karen! What a collection of pretty fabrics you recieved too. Do you have something special in mind, or just stocking up.
    Love your poppies too!

  4. Hehehehe I told you Thousands of Bolts were good for fabric…wickedly grinning. Lovely colours you have chosen. I’m resisiting the urge to look and shop there again – but it won’t be long before I cave in….vbg.
    As for the poppies – I never bother staking mine – they just do their own thing most of the time. Love the garden photos too – lucky you to have flowers to admire.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, lol, mainly I’m just stocking up on the material as I figure with rising gas costs it bound to go up…well my excuse vbg.

    I am planning to make a wedding ring quilt with the blues and pinks but when I’ll find time I don’t know, probably after the wedding.

    I did find the preview board Jane but I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t told me about it because it’s not the most obvious thing if you don’t use the wish list. I put all my blues up there from the next batch of material so I’m hoping most of them will match each other. The pinks I ordered were pretty much a match except for one and I expected that one to be different.

    There were a few surprises colour-wise with some of the yards, a couple of metallics I hadn’t realised were metallic but on the whole aside from one piece I really liked everything I ordered.


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