Tie-dyed baby sets

I have a baby shower to go to at the church tonight so I decided once again to tie-dye more baby items and a t-shirt for the mom. I already had a left-over rainbow tee from the garage sale so only had to do a few baby things.

Baby onsies and toddler T-shirts and socks.

Rainbow adult shirt.

Last time I dyed up some baby stuff I choose too small a size so this time I did 18 month onsies and size 2-3T for the shirts and socks. I dyed up more than I needed so I’ll have some more for the next time. The turquoise batched out really well so since I have some left over I’m going to dye up another tank top for myself using the turquoise and some lemon yellow. Hopefully it’ll look decent on me and I won’t look to huge in it. I’ll post a picture when I do the wash-out.


3 responses to “Tie-dyed baby sets

  1. Love them Karen! Mother and baby will look great in these. I think its neat to have something for the mother too. She should love them.

  2. Those are so cute , I’m sure she will love them.

  3. how adorable – what a great gift!!

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