Op-shop find.

I’ve taken to visiting the local thrift stores mainly to find craft books at bargin prices and I’ve scored quite a few in the last couple of weeks. Today I didn’t find any books but found some material instead.

Mystery material.

It seemed like a good deal at $9.99 for 2.5 yards at 60 inches wide. I thought I’d try to dye some of it but the problem of course is I haven’t a clue what the fibre content is so anybody else know what this is?

I’m still beading and not doing much of anything else, progress is slow but I should finish this off today or tomorrow which means two down and three scarves to go. I had this set up in front of the computer so that I can bribe myself inbetween rows with some computer action at the same time.

Still beading.

And last but not least another fun photo of a die that was rolled when my sons and I were playing a board game (Settlers of Catan – I highly recommend it). The die looks huge in the photo but really wasn’t but the neat thing is my son rolled it and it settled on one of it’s corners, how many times does that happen to someone?

Die sitting on corner edge after being rolled.

My brother and sister-in-law and their daughter are coming for a visit tomorrow, which will be nice as they live in Vancouver so we don’t get to see them very much. I need to clean, my most favorite thing to do (not). They’re not fussy but you know…one must clear away some of the junk so they can at least get in the house (just joking it’s not quite that bad).


6 responses to “Op-shop find.

  1. Looks like damask to me. It’s possible that it’s silk, but I think more likely it’s poly. I know you’ll let us know the results. If it’s poly at least you can paint it!

  2. I think it’s poly but might be a blend as the weft threads look like cotton. I think I’ll sit on it for a while and it could turn out to be a white tablecloth, there is enough material there.


  3. I went for damask or poly blend to look like damask. Is there not some trick with burning a piece to show if it is poly or cotton. I think there is and I know I have forgotten it……..except I think poly burns differently.
    That will be such a help!!!

  4. to see if your fabric is poly, try burning a corner of it. if it turns into a shiny dark bead, it’s polyester. Good luck!

  5. There is a burn test to find out what kind of material it is. If you Google on “fabric content burn test”, you’ll get a bunch of different hits on ways to do this.

    Pretty fabric regardless.

  6. how heavy is it? It looks a lot like the damask they use for mattresses & other upholstery, and the width is about right. Slightly lighter/softer damasks of similar width are often sold as curtaining & tablecloths. In any case, I strongly suspect that there’ll be little if any natural fibre in it, and if it’s less than 100 percent cotton reactives would probably look dreadful anyway (OTOH, I did dye a hideously drab orange jacquard bedspread purple back when I was utterly clueless, and the weirdness that resulted was rather nice). I don’t suppose there’s a crooked edge you could cut a strip to divide into samples from? As well as the burn test, I’d be wanting to do tests (on minimum 2″ squares) of various dyes & paints before trying anything on the whole piece.

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