My cup runneth over…

…or in this case the creek outside the back of my house. We live on what used to be a farm and our house specifically backs onto what was apparently once a little millpond so when you look out the back window what you see is our property then a bit of a drop off the backyard into a flat area and then another drop off into a wider flat area and it is this flat area that the creek flows through.

Most years you never see the creek through the tall grasses on the lower level. We and three other neighbours cut the upper level so its like a little parkland and I have my garden there.

Back view looking down into the creek area.

I got so excited this year because we set up a rainbarrel collection system so I could water my plants during the dry spells between rainfalls but the reality is that our area is setting a new record for rainfall this season. We’ve had some really heavy rains the past couple of days and yesterday was no exception.

My husband came downstairs last night around 11 p.m. saying that he could hear the creek and so we all took flashlights and ended up tromping down to the creek where indeed the banks had overflown with the excess water. Unfortunately I didn’t know how to set the f-stop on the camera for night-time shots so didn’t get any pictures of the creek but I thought I’d post some taken this morning after the creek’s water level had fallen.

Pickling cucumbers at night with the flash.

Closer view of the creek showing the flattened vegetation so you have an idea of where the water flowed. It came to within about a foot of the level we mow.

The creek still a bit swollen, view taken a bit farther down the stream.

More flattened vegetation. It brough back memories of all the rain England got last year and the flooding that went on there. We haven’t had near the amount of rain but it does give you pause to wonder what if and where do we go to evacuate if need be.


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