Bridal shower and colour run

Well one event over and one left to go before life can get back to normal around here, not that it’s been much different just less pressure I guess to get things done.

After a massive house cleaning last week we had Jen’s bridal shower on Saturday and everything went smoothly thanks mostly to my other daughter Linda and her massive cooking efforts to feed the whole gang of people. Also the bridemaids stepped in to help out with all the other festivities and decorating, which was a good thing because by that time I was exhausted with all the cleaning I’d done.

Some pictures of the event:

Jen talking with some of the guests out in the backyard. Beautiful day with lots of sun and cool breezes.

Dessert in kitchen, unfortunately I was running around so much I forgot to take pictures of the main courses.

Linda and grandma Trudie dressed up in toilet paper made to look like brides in a game. Note grandma’s age appropriate flapper headdress for which she won the prize.

Jen and Linda my two beautiful girls.

Phil presenting Jen with some beautiful white roses after the shower.

It was the perfect day for the event, starting out in the living room/ dining room where we had the main course and then all moved out to the backyard for the games, gift openings and desert. People seemed to appreciate the gardens so I was pleased with my efforts and John had cut and bagged the grass so everything looked neat and trim.

Yesterday I dyed up the make green colour run and today I mailed off the swap. Just thought I’d post a picture so others can see what they’ll be getting in the mail.

Make green colour run from Dharma’s Lemon Yellow to ProChem’s Intense Blue.

2 responses to “Bridal shower and colour run

  1. Looks like everyone had heaps of fun. I’m so glad it all went well and the weather was nice. Your daughters are stunners and so is Grandma Trudie. How come no photo of you???

  2. That look like a wonderful and beautiful day. I wish you had gotten to enjoy it more but I know how that goes. Your daughter looks very happy (as does the future husband!) I wish them the very very best!

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