Scarves done!

Finally the beaded scarves are all done. I must have been nuts to do them as I have a nasty suspicion that although they look nice the scarves won’t be appreciated for the amount of work that went into them, oh well.

I guess that’s the chance you take when you give a handmade item. Unless the receipient has specifically asked for what you’ve made then a person risks the possiblity that their gift won’t be appreciated. I found this out recently when I made my mother-in-law a bed jacket for a Christmas gift only to have it returned to me as she didn’t think she would wear it.

LOL, I could see exactly what was running through her mind. In her mind she pictured bed jackets as an item that elderly infirm women wore and she didn’t want to associate with that. In my mind I saw her as older (88 years) and easily chilled and pictured her wearing it as she sat doing whatever. It hurt that she didn’t want the gift but I appreciated her honesty. I’d rather the gift returned than have it sitting around collecting dust.

Then again there’s something to be said for the concept of receiving a gift, marvelling over it and then putting it away (perhaps to regift at some point in time?). It’s one reason why I tend not to give homemade gifts to my kids. I’ve spent most of my life as a mom doing crafty work yet none of them really appreciates anything I’ve made nor my husband. The possibility occurs that maybe I lack the talent of making the right item with the right colours but maybe its just a case of they figure its a hobby for me to do and another case of “Oh look what mom’s made now” while they’re thinking “Do I really have to take it?”. I have a feeling they might appreciate stuff for the grandkids more than they do for themselves.

Or at least I hope they will because I have a boatload of ideas in my head…

My grandkids “WILL” grow up loving tie-dye shirts and socks and whatever, lol.


2 responses to “Scarves done!

  1. Well done on getting the scarves done. At least you will appreciate how nice they look…vbg. My family have learnt to appreciate my craft – it’s either that or have it shoved in your face repeatedly until you say how wonderful it is…vbg. Actually I think they appreciate the fact more that it keeps me sane and away from them…roflmol. So long as you do your craft for you and you enjoy it and get inspiration from it then that’s all that matters. I appreciate what you do…..does that help??

    Crafty Hugs

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