Amish Diamond blocks

The latest project that I’ve been working is the Fall Block Swap with my fabric dyeing forum group. This block – Amish Diamond – is based on a pattern from It’s a fairly basic block which is what our group wanted since we would be sewing quite a few of them. The block is based on three colours, one of which is the standard Amish black.

The idea is to pick two different colour combos and then swap out a block of each combination to every person participating in the swap. This current crop of members seems to be a bit on the tentative side so we only had six people sign up for the block so I had to come up with 12 blocks. Given I’ve been trying to find time to do them in the past four days, I’m kind of glad only six signed up.

Anyhow here are the two colours combos that I chose.

Amish diamond - Navy blue, Pagoda Red

Amish diamond - Navy blue, Pagoda Red

Amish Diamond - Olive, Butterscotch

Amish Diamond - Olive, Butterscotch

The navy blue was Dharma and the other colours from ProChem, the black was Kona black. Kona black was chosen as the standard so that when all the different blocks come together the blacks should match fairly closely given dye lots.

I was going to choose purple but when I went through my fabric samples somehow these colours looked good together. Maybe because it’s fall I was influenced by my colour choice. It should be interesting to get all the other blocks back and see how the quilt turns out. These blocks are a good way to use up smaller pieces of fabric so I’ll be going back to the stash to see what I need to finish the quilt.


3 responses to “Amish Diamond blocks

  1. Your blocks turned out really nice. I like the colors you choose. Isn’t it nice to have a stash of fabric to pull from. I had to dye up mine. Judi

  2. Love the colors Karen! Wished I had the time to join in on this.

  3. Now this would be a great project to break into a gift of hand dyes as well as my untouched for awhile crate of them……….and my yards of Kona black.
    Have you seen the bulb buy at
    Fabric Depot
    700 SE 122nd Ave
    Portland, Oregon 97233

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