Rice Bag

I’ve not been doing much of anything lately, well I guess that’s not true, lots of stuff but most of it boring normal everyday stuff. I got in an order of books from Amazon so I’ve been on a bit of a reading jag.

John’s aunt passed away this past week so Saturday saw us attending the funeral. The kids stayed home because they’ve only really seen this aunt a couple of times besides which our Thanksgiving dinner was on Saturday so I had the pleasure of coming home to dinner already prepared for me by the girls. This was great because really I didn’t feel all that well what with being up half the night with TMJ (jaw pain) and a massive headache.

One of the girls in my fabric dyeing forum mentioned using a rice bag on her jaw that she made out of flannel material so I thought I’d give it a go. I made the bag that held the rice out of cotton and then made a slipcover out of flannel to go over top.

Cotton bag filled with rice.

Cotton bag filled with rice.

Rice bag with removable flannel cover.

Rice bag with removable flannel cover.

We’ve had some fantastic weather for the holiday weekend and I should have been out doing the final gardening chores but admit that I just didn’t get around to it between playing games and talking with the kids. I did end up doing some cleaning today so all was not lost. Tomorrow is a holiday as well so we’ll see what can be acomplished. I guess it sounds weird to be working on the days off but nothing seems to get done on the week days so you make time where you can.


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