Thrift Shop and Dollar Store Finds

Yesterday was a travelled filled day for me. First stop was the chiropractor then I had to pick up some filter sponges at big Al’s aquarium place then of course since the Value Village store was right across the street and I needed some props for a halloween party John and I are going to, in I went. The reality is Value Village has become my new favorite store to pick up used books and of course I managed to find five at the buy four get one free price. Now I may never use any of the patterns out of these books but I figure I don’t buy magazines and at $3.99 for most of the hardcover books it’s cheaper than a magazine. Most women buy magazines don’t they? How’s that for a big case of rationalization?

Thrift store bargins at $19.00 for five.

Thrift store bargins at $19.00 for five.

After the thrift store it was back home for lunch – a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. It hurt to eat the sandwich which led to my next stop – the dentist. Long and short of it, the TMJ I thought I had was really an abcess wisdom tooth so off to the next stop the library where I parked my car and walked down to the oral surgeon to make an appointment Tuesday to get the tooth pulled. Back to the library to take out five books to read, most of them by Patricia McKillip.

After the library it was on to the drugstore to pick up some penicillin for the tooth infection (which by the way really, really, hurts as I write). Well while waiting for the prescription to be filled I wandered on in to the dollar store to have a look at the yarn section to see if they’d gotten in any new balls of yarn. Bingo! Not only did they have new stuff in, they had yarn that was very similar to the yarn I’d almost bought at Walmart the day before. To borrow an Australian expression, I was quite chuffed to find this yarn at a buck a ball rather than the four dollars a ball Walmart was selling it for.

Chenille type baby yarn from the dollar store.

Chenille type baby yarn from the dollar store.

Eye lash yarn for charity hats and scarves from dollar store.

Eye lash yarn for charity hats and scarves from dollar store.

Needless to say there was some really cool eyelash yarn as well. I was debating buying some lime green and saw the purple at the bottom of the pile and completely lost it and grabbed all they had. I’m such a sucker for purples and blues.

That was the end of my day outside the house. It was a big splurge but I guess I was feeling sorry for myself and weak. There are days when you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything but then you realise that you’ve wasted the better part of a day running around and no wonder you feel exhausted by the time you get home. Hey, I managed to do dishes….aside from spending my hubby’s money… (in a very small voice). Dang, I hope he doesn’t read this.


2 responses to “Thrift Shop and Dollar Store Finds

  1. Wow you did do well. Love the look of those books and I’m with you….I’d just have to buy that eyelash yarn. All the stuff I have used is a dream to knit with and so soft and cuddly as a scarf. Hope the tooth is feeling slightly better. Been there, done that and it’s not fun. Sending pain free thoughts your way.

  2. Great bargins…love the pastel yarns.

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