Bingo Christmas Oven towels and Hat/Scarf Set

Well today I finished off a couple of small projects that have been on hand for a while. I’m currently hostessing a Bingo game over on the DyeHard_RunOff forum that I belong too. Up for grabs is a couple of oven towels that I’ve made for Christmas. Anyone that’s read my blog knows that I make these towels up every year to give to friends and the seniors at church and this year is no exception.

My bingo theme is Christmas words and what better prize than a Christmas themed one? If anyone is interested I have an oven towel tutorial over on the side bar.

Christmas oven towels.

Christmas oven towels.

I also finished off a hat and scarf set today. I’d had the scarf done a while back but finally got around to working on the hat a couple of days ago. Very easy to do in one day if you want to put the time into it. I’d originally planned to make this for a younger girl but it was the first time using the hat pattern and the yarn I used had a bigger gauge to it so it fits me fine, which means it’s too big for a young child. Hopefully there’s some teen out there that likes pink. I make the hats and scarves for charity as well. I figure it’s a freebie so you take what you can get.

Here I am in all my goofy pink glory.

Here I am in all my goofy pink glory.

I usually get Ted E Bear to model but since I’ve had a request for pictures of moi in them I decided to do the modeling myself. I don’t think it’s possible to take a picture without getting the arm holding the camera in the picture. Of course the picture that looks the best is the most goofiest one, oh well off to finish off some more hats.


3 responses to “Bingo Christmas Oven towels and Hat/Scarf Set

  1. Love the hat and scarf Karen,,and the towels are so pretty.

  2. Ohh love the hat and scarf – the colour is so pretty and the model is pretty darn good too. Now I know what you look like – do you think I should pin the picture up near the computer so I can see you as I type???? Ok so now I’m ducking for cover. Seriously though you have been busy. Well done.

  3. Great scarf and hat. The towels are going to be a great bingo prize. Here’s hoping I win. VBG

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