Not much in the way of stuff acomplished the last couple of days, mostly because I was feeling sorry for myself after having my abscessed wisdom tooth pulled. Not much excitement there as it was an easy job for the dentist. I had pain after the freezing wore off but I’m firmly convinced that most of it was self-induced by being tense. Once I loosened up and convinced myself I wasn’t going to roll over and die my mouth settled down to being quite bearable and the next day was okay.

Another fun fur type of hat finished to go with a scarf I had knitted earlier in the year. I decided that this time Rowlf would be the model and here he is in all his glory.

Rowlf looking good in blue

Rowlf looking good in blue

Next on the agenda is another hat to go with yet another scarf that I just finished or perhaps I’ll work on a couple of pillows for the basement couch. After those two get out of the way I need to start planning my Christmas tree skirt. I thought it’d be an easy thing to do but I have to figure out somehow to enlarge the pattern they put into the book by two hundred percent.

I don’t know what the publishers were thinking when they tell you to expand a pattern by 200%. Maybe it’s something I can figure out on my printer and I just don’t know how or are the publishers expecting me to take the book to someplace that makes copies and then pay out the money for the copiests to do it? It’s not the only book I’ve encountered that does this. Then there are other books that actually give you a usuable pattern. I’ll figure it out somehow. Of course having a scanner would help…


One response to “Rowlf

  1. Rowlf looks so cute with the hat and scarf. The colors are great, I love it.

    Yeap having a scanner would help, then all you do is it to enlarge 200% easy.

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