Towels and Pillows

Well I haven’t been blogging much, I’ve been doing stuff but not much that I felt was blog worthy. I finally got around to finishing up a couple of pillows for the basement couch. I’d bought this material when I went searching for fabric for my batik fish pillow. Our local Walmart’s fabric department was closing down and the fabric and trims were 75% off so off course I just had to buy something and did. The pillow forms ended up costing more than the fabric and cording but having just finished stuffing the batik pillow with left-over fibre-fill I felt it would be cheaper buying the forms and it was. Besides which no matter how carefully you stuff a pillow it always ends up being somewhat lumpy. I’m pleased to say that the pillow forms worked out beautifully.

Olive pillows made from upholstry fabric and cording.

Olive pillows made from upholstry fabric and cording.

I’ve also been working on the annual Christmas oven towels (tutorial at right). I take these (and my scarves) with me whenever I’m waiting for an appointment. That way I’m not resentful of the wasted time while waiting to see whomever (I can however waste plenty of time on the computer and am not resentful at all).

Christmas oven towels.

Christmas oven towels.

Last week while waiting in the optomitrist’s office with my son I was crocheting an oven towel and this senior started a conversation with me and placed an order for four of the oven towels. I thought it quite funny because she didn’t ask me first if I took orders, just assumed that I would. She was quite pleased with them and wants another two or three next week and by the way did I do any other crafts for Christmas? LOL, I said I did tie-dye but the long and short of it was that her niece needs a size M ladies and I don’t have any. I can get men’s white T’s quite easily but the ladies shirts I have to special order from the States from Dharma. It’s surprising how hard it can be to get a 100% plain white cotton shirt at least not at the price I want to pay.

Anyhow, I’m finally working on my Christmas tree skirt. Last February I bought some fabric (on sale of course) that I intended to use for this project. The kicker is that I’m only using a couple of pieces of that fabric. The fabric I ended up choosing I already had in my stash. Perhaps a good reason not to buy on spec.

Fabric choices for Christmas tree skirt.

Fabric choices for Christmas tree skirt.

I have an order coming in from “Thousands of Bolts” that has a piece of Christmas ecru in it so hopefully that piece works out with the rest of the fabric. It’d be nice if the package arrives in the next couple of days but if not I have lots of other goodies to make for my secret sister swap and a bunch of crayon rolls to get finished by Christmas as well. There never seems to be enough time does there no matter how early you start?


2 responses to “Towels and Pillows

  1. Isn’t nice to have something to keep busy while waiting. How about a tutorial on the crayon rolls.

  2. While I’m quite willing to oblige I just happen to still have the link for the crayon tutorial I went to last year to find out how to make these crayon rolls:


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