Closet Organization

Time seems to have slipped away once again. Today I thought I’d blog about my closet that I cleaned out last week. Actually I took the photos meaning to blog it and then realised I hadn’t…old age setting in I guess.

Anyhow people were amazed when I told them that I spent “3” days organizing the closet but I have to admit that although I worked at it steadily it was in between breaks and daily stuff. I managed to get most stuff off the floor and clear out some space for the clothes hanging in there. I had an incredible amount of stuff on the floor because there was no space up top so once the stuff on the floor was gone I had about another two foot section that could be used to hang clothes on the rack.

I basically put back everything that was in there but did it using plastic storage boxes ($230.00 worth of them). Hmm…I lie, I did buy three under-the-bed storage bins so I guess not everything went back in. I didn’t take a before picture so can’t give you perspective but I do have the afters to give an idea.

First trial with bin for old pictures and frames.

Pull-out shelves that had an incredible amount of stuff in them, cleaned and now used for sock and sweater storage.

Fabric up and off the shelves (now protected from dust) with quilt batts tucked in beside them.

Under-the-bed storage bin being filled with full balls of yarn and left-over projects.

Picture of another bin full of yarn under the bed.

This is left-over yarn remnants and yarn from my mother-in-law. I had these stored in plastic zip bags the kind you get comforters in but they are kind of bulky-sloppy to store.

One huge bin of the remnants, discovered some full balls in there. I was going to donate this stuff to the church group until I realised that I had enough to make several afghans so decided to work on it myself.

Another two bins of the remnants, one is fuzzy yarn and the other my crochet cotton for my oven towels.

View of more bins of yarn, beads, projects, etc.

New look of top shelf after adding the big bin of yarn, unfortunately the boxes that were up there had to go back on the floor but at least they are now managable and out of sight.

The thing with the bins is that you can stack stuff in them that would otherwise fall out or down off the shelves and it looks neat and tidy so it does free up more room. Another bonus is that it’ll keep the dust off. I had to vacumn some dust off of one unfinished project at one point of the clean-up. I found a lot of usable items that I had forgotten about. All in all you’re looking at about 30 years worth of collected craft materials. Some of the yarn left-overs go back to when I was 14 years old. I’m hoping to crochet some of those granny square afghans, lol, I just bought four more balls of black to do this. More yarn to use up yarn? Works for me.


4 responses to “Closet Organization

  1. Looks great. You wanna come over and organize my sewing/crafting stuff?

  2. I have a house that needs cleaning and organising if you are interested….vbg. I can even promise to throw in some hot weather and no snow if that makes it more tempting….roflmol. Seriously though – what a fantastic job. And you’re right – those big plastic boxes make storing stuff so much easier and cleaner.

  3. Looks good. The clear bins let you see what’s in them. Most items are readily accessible without having to move other things. I can’t stand plastic hangers, though… They’d always break on me. uggg…

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