Christmas stuff

I’ve been busy doing things but not taking time to post so I guess I’ve been a bad blogger, sorry. I have done some stuff but a lot of it was for a Christmas secret sister swap that I participated in so since it was secret I thought I’d better not post about what I was doing. I’ll put some pictures up once my gift has been received.

A couple of items that I can post about are the hat and scarf set I finished about a week ago. I like to buy yarn on sale and then knit up scarves and hats to give away to whomever needs them. I’d already given away most of what I had except for this set so when our bible study group decided to put together a care package for a women’s shelter one of the items needed was a hat so I volunteered to supply this set:

Buffy the koala bear with hat and scarf

Buffy the koala bear with hat and scarf

Many thanks to Buffy for once again modeling yet again another hat and scarf. I’ve been working on making some crayon rolls for the past three days. It’s one of those simple projects that you think you’ll get accomplished in a day. The reality is that I have 16 of them to do and it’s been a major fiddly pain working on them. I’ve been tired lately and it just seems that everything is progressing in slow motion. Anyhow I’ve promised them for the sunday school class Christmas eve so need to finish them now!

Fabric cut out for crayon rolls - a variety of kids prints plus co-ordinating hand-dyed fabric by moi.

Fabric cut out for crayon rolls - a variety of kids prints plus co-ordinating hand-dyed fabric by moi.

I did manage to finish one off today (yeah for at least one). I have done the tricky part on all of them which is to make the pockets for the crayons. Now all I need to do is sew the zig-zag and outer piece on and they’ll be finished. Of course I ran out of white ribbon, just one more thing. I think I’m a little to tired tonight to be positive. LOL, you think you have a lot of time for Christmas and your husband tells you it’s 2 1/2 weeks away…say WHAT!!!

Needless to say nothing is decorated and the house is a bomb and now my dearest MIL will probably be coming for a few days and of course her room (the sewing room) is a disaster (and I do have before photos). The Christmas tree skirt I was positive was going to get done this year seems to be on the “put-off” list, oh well. How is it possible to be unemployed and yet be able to waste entire days at a time with nothing to show for it? Well one answer is this computer, so saying – good night all.


One response to “Christmas stuff

  1. At least you are achieving things -even if Christmas is so close. Throw something at your Hubby for me……..I didn’t need reminding it was that close…vbg. Well done on getting the swap sent too….I’m sure your Secret Sister will love what you have sent.

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