Crayon Rolls

I finally finished the crayon rolls for the Sunday school for Christmas. I used a variety of kids prints I’d been collecting all year long with some of my hand-dyed fabric, lol, I went and checked the link to the tutorial in last year’s post and noticed last year the hand-dyes were part of the background whereas this year I’d used them to make the pockets. Here they are all sixteen of them.

Finished crayon rolls.

Finished crayon rolls.

Crayon Roll

Crayon Roll

Lots of different kids prints.

Lots of different kids prints.

You can find the tutorial for these here:



3 responses to “Crayon Rolls

  1. I’m impressed and they look lovely. I really should check out the tutorial and have a go at making some. Maybe I could use them for my paint brushes…vbg.

  2. These are just delightful, Karen! Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I really like the hand dyes on the pocket, makes it seem like little fun things peeking out … and the rick rack is a really nice finish. You found some great colors!!!

  3. If anyone decides to make these I’d recommend adding an inch to the measurements. I found that when marking the inch spaces for the little pockets the marked lines used up some space. If you have any length leftover then you can just trim it off.

    Another thing is to machine baste the rick-rack to your sewing seam before you sew the seam. I found it easier to line up the rick-rack. You want to just catch the inside of the hollow of the rick-rack along the 1/4″ mark. Then when you’ve pinned your two sides together to sew follow just to the inside (left) of your machine basting. This way you catch enough of the rick-rack so you don’t get any gaps showing between the rick-rack and the edge of the crayon roll. It also prevents you from catching up to much of the rick-rack. Sew to much and the rick-rack doesn’t show very well when you turn the crayon roll right-side out.


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