Not So Secret Sister Swap

I participated in a secret sister swap recently with my fabric dyeing forum but wanted to wait until after my secret sister opened her gift to blog it. We had a choice of two swaps to enter and since my friend and I were the only two signed up for the secret sister swap we decided to call it the “not so secret sister swap”, lol. Anyhow we gave each other a few hints of what we liked.

Since J mentioned that her favorite colours were red, blue and purple I decided that since we belonged to a fabric dyeing forum I would start off there. I decided to do a colour wheel in Boysenberry, Sapphire and Ultra Violet.

Sapphire-Boysenberry-Ultra Violet colour run

Fat eighth bundle.

At the same time I did this colour run I decided to do another one of Grecian rose, Island blue and Lemon Meringue.

Grecian Rose-Island Blue-Lemon Meringue

With the left over dyes I created a couple of parfaits doing a scrunch-ball method instead of my usual vase method. In the ball method you basically scrunch the material into a ball and hold together with a couple of rubber bands, then apply the dye. With this method the dye blends more in globs (can’t think of a better word sorry). In the vase method when I cram the material down into a vase you get more blending as the dye creeps along the folds so it’s more linear if that makes sense – the dye settles in the folds so it has a creased look.

Boysenberry – Sapphire blue – Ultra violet parfait

Grecain Rose - Lemon Merginue - Island blue

Grecain Rose - Lemon Merginue - Island blue

Trying to find ideas online I came across a couple of tutorials from Sew Mama Sew and decided to create some mug rugs and a tea wallet in the matching colours.

Mug Rugs

Tea Wallet

Inside of tea wallet

To finish up the handmade part of the gift I made a necklace and earrings from my bead stash.
Beaded necklace and earrings

I’m back to working on the Christmas tree skirt for the tree. The only decision I have left is whether or not to just baste it together and then quilt it on my new sewing machine (megaQuilter by husqvarna) after Christmas or to try and do it on the old machine. Not really a decision as I have visions of caught threads on the back of the quilt with the old machine so I’ll just put it under the tree and pretend it’s quilted, besides which it’ll be covered up with prezzies anyway.


4 responses to “Not So Secret Sister Swap

  1. Lovely colorwheels!

  2. Love the colorwheels and the mugrugs and the necklace. Your not so secret sister will really enjoy all the things you made.

  3. Ohh love the colour wheels. Do you work to a recipe for your dying or just make it up as you go? I’m sure your swap partner was very happy with the goodies.

  4. I know your not so secret sister enjoyed receiving the beautiful items you made . Love them all.

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