Christmas Tree Skirt

Currently I’m working on a Christmas tree skirt. I’d planned to have it done and it’s possible that I might have except I want to machine quilt it and have decided to wait until after Christmas to do so because I’m getting a new MegaQuilter from Husqvarna for Christmas. My current machine is prone to bunching up thread on the underside of whatever project I’m working on so I’m not even going to try working with that machine.

Anyhow, here is a picture of the skirt so far:
Christmas tree skirt pattern by Lynette Jenson “Thimbleberries”

The pattern is from Lynette Jenson’s book “The Thimbleberries Book of Quilts”. The original pattern was very nice with three different shades of red material for the scalloped part and white in the middle with plaid bias. I didn’t really like the reds I had in my stash so I went with Christmas fabric instead. I found that the piece was too small for my tree and that the presents wouldn’t really sit on the skirt so I decided to extend it by adding some white and gold print fabric. I then blanket stitched around the scalloped edge to match the stitching on the holly leaves and berries in the middle section.

The benefit of adding this material aside from extending the skirt is that I won’t have to deal with fiddly bias binding around scallops. I do have some plaid to bind the edges so hopefully it’ll spruce up the gold print and give it some definition. The extra space will give me more practise room for some feathers I want to learn to machine quilt. I figure even if it turns out to be a rough first piece of machine quilting, the quilt itself will mostly be covered up by presents anyhow.


3 responses to “Christmas Tree Skirt

  1. Karen that is absolutely stunning and I love the idea of extending the skirt part. … much better than fiddling with all those scallops…vbg.

  2. I’ve been a fan of Thimbleberries for a long time and love what you did with the skirt. I have to spend some time looking at your site and your “snow
    dyeing”. I’ve never seen that before. The results are beautiful.

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