More snowdyes…

A few more picture of some snow dyes. The first set is an experiment I did with some left-over scraps. It didn’t work out very well because the pieces of material were so small I couldn’t really tell whether or not the snow made an effect on the dyeing.

Starting to layer the snow and material

Snow layered with navy blue and golden yellow.

Flipping jar upside down in sink.

Snow melted off.

Material dyed and ironed.

The samples turned out quite light and some of the fabric was from Walmart and didn’t take the dye as nicely as the P&B. The darker pieces were those on the bottom of the jar where the dye pooled.

I did another piece of P&B yesterday using up the left-over Navy Blue from Dharma. I did this in the bathtub on a large lid so I spread out the fabric as well as I could instead of scrunching it. I figured that there would be more globs to it but instead it ended up with more creases. I can’t really explain it because unless you’ve compared a piece of snow-dye to parfait container fabric you won’t know what I mean. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out how I envisioned but part of that could be that the dye pooled on the large lid rather than running off. The piece looked dark so I didn’t batch it that long, about eight hours. As it turns out it dried lighter than expected and did have a bit of a purple cast but not much.

Dharma’s navy blue, snowdye.

Lastly here is a picture of the granny squares that I have finished so far. I needed to spread them out to get an idea of how big the afghan would be. It’s about 11 rows by 12 rows. I’m not sure whether or not to make it square or to make it slightly rectangular.



3 responses to “More snowdyes…

  1. I really like the way the dark blue turned out. I did something similar to that when I layed a piece of fabric on plastic with dye between the two. I like the different texture you got that way.

    I like your granny squares as well, I did one of those probably 25 years ago but have enough scraps to do another.

    The parfait snowdyed is interesting as well.

  2. Claudia Bontrager

    Where did you find a jar like that?

    And as for the afghan, I’d make it rectangular because we’re longer than we are wide. LOL All lolling aside, I’m tall, and I always have to stretch my afghan — holding the bottom with my toes and pulling to cover my shoulders. Just a thought. 🙂

    • When I bought this jar it was full of candied nuts and chocolate covered almonds…yum! LOL, part of the reason I bought the jar was because of it’s shape and I thought it’d be great for dyeing.

      Good point about the afghan. This baby was so huge it didn’t really matter if it was square or rectangular but normally I make them longer than wider.


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