I’ve Been Tagged…

I’ve been tagged and this is a new one for me. Judy tagged me and the rules are that you go to your fourth folder in your pictures and pick out the fourth picture.

I did that curious as what was there but found I only had two pictures besides which this is a crafting blog for the most part so I went to my fourth folder of blog pictures and this is the fourth picture:

This is a close-up shot of one of the five scarves I made for the bridesmaids for my daughter’s wedding. The seedbeads were a blue montanna with a jet black bead inbetween. It took forever to make these and part of the reason I’m fatter today as I spent to much time working on wedding crafts instead of going outside and exercising like I should. LOL, or at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking by it.

The next four people I’d like to tag are:
Catherine – http://calidore.wordpress.com/
Thelma – http://thelmassewnthings.blogspot.com/
Michelle – http://stitchandpaint.blogspot.com/
Tracy – http://tracyborders.blogspot.com/

These are all wonderful girls who have fantastic blogs so go have a peek at their work.


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