More Snowdyes…

Well we had a nice fluffy snowfall the other day so I did a few more snowdyes. They are batching right now but I thought I’d post some of the before pictures and then I’ll post the fabric after it’s been washed and ironed.

Dharma’s Lemon Yellow and ProChem’s Mixing blue.

After snow melt.

Lemon Yellow and Mixing Blue but in a more intense pattern.

Whoops, to much yellow, it’s gone right through the snow to the fabric.

After snow melt.

ProChem’s Boysenberry with a sprinkle of mixing blue powder.

After snow melt.

I have to admit that when I checked on the boysenberry piece I noticed that there were some white spots sprinkled throughout the piece. Since there were only a few and they were very random I took some left-over dye and covered them up so we’ll see how it washes out.

The two pieces of lemon yellow and mixing blue were an experiment to see what difference the dye pattern would make when the snow melted. It’s very noticable and I haven’t spread it out so we’ll see how it goes, always a surprise.

After I squirted on the yellow for the second piece I noticed that it went right through the layer of snow directly onto the fabric and I was worried that I’d have these very intense yellow spots but they seem to have diffused somewhat.


One response to “More Snowdyes…

  1. Can’t wait to see after the washout. I’m heading next door right now to do some snowdyeing of my own. VBG

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