More Snowdyes continued…

Here are some pictures of the fabric I dyed the other day. My last post showed the fabric as it was being dyed and these pictures were taken after the washout and ironing.

Boysenberry snowdye, hoffman lawn. I’m somewhat disappointed with how this turned out. Kind of weird speckling of the dye. I did add some more dye after but I don’t think these spots come from that. The bit of blue dye powder didn’t really affect the boysenberry that much, I guess I needed to use more of it.

Lemon yellow and mixing blue the over-all spatter pattern. Nice muted piece of fabric like a spring green almost.

Lemon yellow and mixing blue with the larger blob pattern (see last post). This was the star of the three, fantastic piece of material. Fabric like this draws you back to dyeing, having you trying to obtain this result. It really looks good in person. The fabric gives me an idea of trying the same technique but with just the blue to try and create some fluffy clouds.

The last couple of pictures are some material that I just received in the mail from Thousands of Bolts. These two fabric are from Kona Bay fabrics. You can order six yards in the priority envelope and that’s what I did. I was thinking of using the floral for a quilt backing, it wasn’t until after the order I realised that all six yards should have been floral and not the four I ordered. I guess I’ll have to get creative and use the other matching two yards as well in the backing.

Kona Bay fabric, it has some gold metallic in it.

Close-up of flowers. I have a weakness for the Kona Bay line of fabrics.


4 responses to “More Snowdyes continued…

  1. Your snowdyed pieces turned out great. The speckles you are getting in the boysenberry is because it just doesn’t mix well, in the future you may want to stain it so you don’t get the speckles.

    Your kona bay fabric is really nice, you can always put strips of the other piece in the middle or on the sides of the piece in order to make it as big as you want. Alot of people are doing patchwork backs lately.

  2. Those snowdyed fabrics are awesome!! Beautiful colors!

  3. Ohh I’m not sure what’s nicer. The hand dyes or the Kona fabrics. Judi is right – try peicing your back out of both fabrics. It can make it more interesting and it does save having to buy more fabric – not that that is ever a hardship…vbg.

  4. Thanks for the great tutorial and continuing posts on snow dyeing. I have my first efforts in the pot for final hot washout right now (8 PM) and will probably get them on my blog tonight or tomorrow.

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