There’s nothing much new happening around here. I’m still working on my Granny afghan in my spare time between bouts of reading and computer. I thought I’d post a couple of pictures of the snow we’ve been getting here in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Looking out the front window.

Looking out the back window.

The deck with bird feeder.

I have a friend coming over today and we’re going to be working on a quilt/duvet/doona cover for her daughter who is going back to Australia next week. I have my new MegaQuilter sewing macine so I thought that two people are faster than one so hopefully it will get done quicker with one person sewing while the other is ironing and assembling the pieces.

Meanwhile since I hadn’t tested out the machine I thought that maybe I should and worked on this little project yesterday.

Cottage tote from the book “Quilted Bags and Totes” by Denise Clason.

This is just the front panel of the bag. I used print fabrics for the block and hand-dyes for the strips that I received in my secret sister swap. I’ll post more pictures when I get the bag done.


4 responses to “Winter

  1. Karen, I love how your cottage tote is turning out! Especially the bright colors! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

    would you like to post it on my yahoo group? go to my website and click on the link to join!

    Thanks for buying my book! It is doing VERY well!


  2. Get the spare room ready I’m coming to visit and I want to play in the snow….roflmol. High 40’s here tempreture wise. We are melting even with the airconditioner on. Poor Ashley is flat out at work – thank heavens we have the pool that he can cool off in afterwards.
    Love the tote bag – the colours and design are scrummy.

  3. Your ‘little project’ that it looks like you’re whipping together, is fabulous (and would also have taken me about two years). Can’t BELIEVE the snow you’ve got. I envy it. Do you have another spare room?

  4. LOL, I have room for all to visit.

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