The “Oh Well” duvet cover.

I have been working on several projects but haven’t taken the time to blog them as most are as yet unfinished but I thought I would post some pictures of a quilted duvet cover that I helped my friend make for her daughter. Her daughter is returning to Australia to finish up her schooling so we were under a time constrant to do this so as two heads and four hands are better than one person I invited my friend over and we used the new MegaQuilter to piece the top together.

“J” working on assembling the pieces.

Moi sewing squares together.

The problem with this quilt top was that J’s daughter had bought two single bed pre-cut kits but the duvet itself was for a double-sized bed so we had to adjust all the measurements to fit 86″ square. Shouldn’t have been a problem but J’s mom had pre-cut the material with her grandaughter but seeing as she was elderly her hands didn’t have the strength to cut straight and many of the blocks were off in size. J’s mom has since passed away so the material was precious because it was the last project she had worked on and J’s daughter had been with her at the time.

J’s daughter had bought extra material to go along with what was in the quilt kits – the kits didn’t include border material. Some of this extra border material had been cut for the four patch squares we were sewing together. Well long and short of it was there wasn’t enough material to make all the squares needed for a double sized top and there wasn’t enough material for borders because some of it had been cut for squares.

Somehow they managed to cut the material in such as way that there was no extra. It’s the one thing I hate about pre-cut kits, there isn’t any extra material if you should happen to make a mistake and the kits were bought long enough ago that we couldn’t go and buy extra fabric. J’s daughter said that she bought two identical kits but the fabric just didn’t work out. Either the quilt shop shorted them fabric or there was different material inside each kit. It didn’t matter what each kit had as somehow we had to make it fit.

The mantra for the quilt top soon became “Oh well”. The seams didn’t match – “Oh well”. The blocks were cut different sizes – “Oh well”. There wasn’t enough of one colour – “Oh well”; you get the drift. In the end we reduced the number of blocks and just added more borders. The top was officially dubbed “The Oh Well” quilt/duvet.

Trying to figure out a workable block placement with the squares we had.

J took the top home to figure out borders and added the purple.

Top with first border of purple.

There wasn’t enough material left to add more borders so I dyed up 4 yards of boysenberry to add to the front. After I dyed the boysenberry it occured to me that fuchsia would be a better match to the daisies and it did match but the boysenberry made it pop and it matched the purple in the fabric and border better anyhow.

Boysenberry with flower block.

Flower block against some fuchsia fabric, we didn’t use this.

J brought over what she’d done of the back of the duvet. Floral and purple borders make up the back with a floral heart yet to be added to the inner purple square. There will be floral hearts added to the corners as well so basically J’s daughter will have a double-sided duvet cover and can choose which side depending on her mood.

Fabric kind of squished as there wasn’t enough room to spread it out.

We had a good time working on the top together but it was frustrating at times with lots of head scratching at points but a job well done I think.


5 responses to “The “Oh Well” duvet cover.

  1. For an “oh, well” quilt, it turned out really well. Good job!

  2. Great job and what a treasure! I like the boysenberry better, too.

  3. Ohh love the duvet cover. The colours are stunning. Shame about there not being enough fabric in the kits – It’s one reason why I don’t buy kits – too expensive and by the time I got around to making it – I will have forgotten how to or stuffed up somewhere and then run out of fabric. Love the photos of the house – not sure what is my favorite – but the one of you sewing on that wonderful machine with the wine rack in the background is very high on the list…vbg.

  4. I agree that the boysenberry adds depth and vibrancy. It frames well. Perseverance paid off. Good job.

  5. I really like what you did with the various colours that you used. Perhaps you could rename the finished product, the “My, My” quilt!

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