Newsboy Cap

One of my most favorite blogs to visit is Thornberry – – and a couple of weeks ago she posted a picture on her site of a newsboy hat that she’d crocheted. Inspired I decided to make one of my own.

“Swirls Cap” pattern by Sophia Kessinger of Ravelry.

This is my version of it done in Paton’s Classic Wool Merino – Harvest. The hat is on the small size for this type of yarn and hook size but since the girl I made it for is undergoing chemotherapy and has lost her hair I’m hoping it will fit. It’s snug on my head but I have a large head and she’s more petite so I hope she likes it and it’s not to scratchy for her. I told her grandmother if she wants another type of yarn and colour to let me know. Hard to be so young but have to endure such an awful disease as cancer.


6 responses to “Newsboy Cap

  1. Oh, I love that, Karen, and I’m not even a “hat person” – but that is just great!

  2. What stunning colours and such a stylish pattern. Well done. I’m sure the young lady will love it. How sad that she has to go through such a horrible time.

  3. Great hat. I’m sure the young gal will love it. It sure is sad she has to go through this.

  4. I would love to have this pattern if you wouldn’t mind. My daughter is going for deep brain stimulation surgery for essential tremors in December and she will have to top of her head shaved. This is such a cute hat. I’ve crocheted some and as long as the pattern isn’t too difficult, I might be able to make it for her.

    • Joyce I’m sorry but I don’t have that pattern. The pattern was published in Ravelry by Sophia Kessinger and she has since taken it off the board as a free pattern and now sells it in her Ravelry store for $5. I never saved the pattern to hard drive so I can’t pass it along to you sorry. If you want it you’ll have to join Ravelry and buy it from her. It’s free to join Ravelry but since they have so many applications to join it takes about a three day wait until you’re approved and can log in. It’s well worth the wait though. If you search the database you’ll see thousands of patterns there and if you enter Newsboy cap you’ll find lots of free patterns if you don’t want to spend the five bucks.

  5. Thanks so much for your response. I did buy the pattern and the hat turned out beautifully. Didn’t think I could do it since I’ve only crocheted scarves and aghans, but once I figured it out and got in the groove, it wasn’t that hard.

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