Blessings Blanket

Well after spending about 7 hours yesterday on this blanket (and I do not exaggerate) crocheting the squares together I finally finished it. It was a long haul and I don’t want to see another for a long, long time. An uncharitable feeling I know given that the blanket is supposed to be made with love and care for the one it’s going to but given that it was dumped on me (can’t think of a better description) at a time when I’m snowballed under with projects I was somewhat resentful, which I guess explains why I’m human and God is God.

Blessings Blanket.

This looks good, you may not think so but given what I had to work with it turned out really well if I do say so myself. The squares were all contributed by ladies of our group and were “supposed” to be 12″x12″, needless to say they were not and a lot of them weren’t even square so the challenge was how to join the squares together and make them look good and to tell the truth they didn’t even look good colour-wise sitting on the bed. I should have taken a before picture but I’m always forgetting the before pictures.

Once again I turned to one of my favourite bloggers “Thornberry” and in one of her posts were these two links:
Heartmade Blessings comfortghans

Flat Braid Method

In her post Thornberry posted a picture of a flat-braid method that she had used to join some crocheted squares together. Imagine my surprise when I went to the first web page and found out that this method is being used by a lady in another blessings group to join donated squares into blankets. I’m wondering which of the people I complained to prayed for me, lol.

Anyhow the biggest problem was trying to figure out how many stitches should be in each square and then crocheting a single row of crochet around each square so they each contained the same number of stitches. I couldn’t decide on the number of stitches so I added up all the stitches in each square, added them together and divided by the number of total sides I had from 12 squares. Then I either added or subtracted stitches from each side.

Once each square had this row of stitches it just became a matter of learning how to do the flat-braid join and crocheting the squares together. The second web address is a link to youtube where a wonderful lady spent the time to demonstrate this method. She does a good job of it and this method of joining the squares together helps to ease in the differences in the lengths of the squares.

I had been given a large ball of navy (that’s all we had in the bin) but ended up using some black that I had on hand at home. I think the navy would have looked good but the black helps to perk up the colours. I needed two balls of the yarn. I used up one ball and then part of a second; each ball was 7 oz so I probably used 8-9 oz of yarn total in joining the squares.


Edited to add: I dropped off the blanket today and the ladies were thrilled. It was agreed that joining the squares were a major chore and hassle so now I’m feeling better that it’s just not me that feels this way. LOL, I was feeling uncharitable because it’s supposed to be a blessing blanket but I’m muttering under my breath the whole way.

2 responses to “Blessings Blanket

  1. Well done for sticking with it. It did come up nice in the finish – always a worry when there are so many different colours and sizes to join together. I think we all feel a bit put upon when projects like that fall in our lap. It’s a perfectly normal feeling in my books. Just think how much you are going to enjoy doing your own projects now that one is out of the way.

  2. It looks great but I can see alot of work went into it to get it finishedm just like doing a quilt when you do swapped blocks.

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