Snowdyes and T-shirt

I did a few more snowdyes the other day and I also tried doing a t-shirt with the snowdye method. There have been a few girls on the forum who have had great success with these shirts so I thought I’d give it a try. I have to admit that the shirt I did wasn’t a success as far as showing the pattern you get with snow-dyeing but I like the way the colours turned out on it. Who would have thunk that Jet Black would turn out like this…

Jaquard’s Jet Black on t-shirt using the snowdye method.

Closer shot of the dyes.

ProChem’s rust brown

Mixing red and colbalt (MX-5B and MX-2G)

ProChem’s ultra violet

Close-up of the ultra violet separating out.


One response to “Snowdyes and T-shirt

  1. great pieces!!!!
    I did one of my shirts in the ultraviolet.

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