I am hostessing a ruching swap this month and thought I’d post some pictures of the process or at least the process I did as I’m sure there are several ways to do this.

The idea behind ruching is to take a piece of fabric and roll it around a length of cord or string and then gather up the material and tie off the ends. You then apply the dye, let it batch 24 hours and then wash out the fabric. If you’ve compressed the material enough the compression will provide a resist of sorts.

Half a yard of fabric and nylon cord.

Starting to roll the fabric around the cord.

After I was done rolling the fabric I pinned the edges so they wouldn’t pop open when I started to gather the material.

Its helpful to tie off one end of the cord to a chair to help me with compressing the fabric as it was quite bulky having used a half yard.

The two ends tied off together.


Using left-over dyes from the snow-dyeing sessions to dye the donuts.

Grecian rose and golden yellow, done in strips because I didn’t have enough of either dye to do an entire donut.

Closeup of the ruching I used a bit to much of the yellow and the white didn’t show as well with that colour.

Lavender Mist.

Closeup of the lavender it made a really neat pattern.

Finally one last picture of snow-dye that I did before the snow all melted. I did this with regular strength dyes as I was going for a more pastel looking piece.

Colbalt and Grecian Rose.


4 responses to “Ruching

  1. Your snowdyed looks great and I just love how your ruching pieces turned out. I’m really surprised that it went all the way with the amount of fabric you used. Good job!!

  2. Fabulous patterning with the ruching. Would be interesting to see what happens to the pattern when you twist & then compress.

  3. Ohhh I do like the ruching technique. I really must try that the results are fantastic. Well done Karen. You are an inspiration.

  4. Thanks so much for the tutorial. Awesome results. I will have to give this a try as soon as I can. Love your handdyes!

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