Another one bite’s the dust…

I finally did it, finished my daughter’s afghan, one more project out of the way.

I’d started this a week before her birthday, which was on February 28th and was able to give her six squares in a gift bag. I would have started it earlier but didn’t know her colours and was busy with another project. It seems to have taken me forever to do but in retrospect it’s only been about 4 weeks.

Jen’s afghan in Paton’s Decor using Rich Taupe, Taupe, Woodbine Ombre and Black.

The pattern for the crocheted squares is based on one of the donated squares I worked with in the recent Blessings lap afghan I put together. I forgot to look at the square closely before handing in the finished afghan so I just fudged it as best I could.

The colour scheme for the squares was based on an afghan I saw on the Lion Brand Yarn website that I liked. It had a bit of a modern feel to it that I thought my daughter would like. I originally just started out with the three colours of taupe, dark taupe and woodbine ombre but after finishing the squares I felt they needed the black to make them pop.

I used the same joining technique Flat Fold Braid as I used on the Blessings afghan as it makes for a pretty join and adds some width to the blocks. I finished off the afghan by crocheting in the loops around the afghan and added the one row of taupe to give a little something extra to the border.


8 responses to “Another one bite’s the dust…

  1. very pretty afghan, Karen. great pattern, good choices of colors. Ann

  2. Great Aphgan I bet your daughter will love it.

  3. Karen that is stunning. If your daughter doesn’t like it ….I do…vbg.

  4. Very pretty Karen! Looks like it will keep you nice and warm.

  5. Oh, that is really nice, Karen! I have been sort of itching to dust off my crochet hooks lately. What a treasure for your daughter!

  6. That is really beautiful.
    Maybe I do need to pick up the crochet hooks again.
    It is odd but knitting especially seems to be something from my youth, a long time ago, and while crochet, especially in fine Coats cotten lasted longer, it has laid by the wayside for some years now.

  7. It’s lovely – I think the colours are great, too. Don’t suppose you’d like to make me one? 🙂

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