Bernat Handicrafter Tote.

Well another project finished. I started this project back at the beginning of February and then as usual with my projects it got put by the wayside as something else caught my interest. It only took a month and a half to finish so that’s not to bad.

Bernat Handicrafter Tote in English Lavender.

The thing that’s really neat about this tote is that I dyed the lining and cord to match the crochet cotton. It really tickles my fancy that I have the ability now to do this. No more mad searching for just the right colour at the fabric stores. Just pop out my swatch book and look for a match.

Inside matching lining and cord dyed with ProChem’s Lavender Mist.

Now on to the next unfinished project….


5 responses to “Bernat Handicrafter Tote.

  1. GREAT bag! I really like it and the color of the yarn you used. It is really nice when you can color match like that isn’t it.

  2. That is absoulutely gorgeous Karen. I think I need to pop over for some crochet lessons – you are up there in the “master class” me thinks. What dimensions are the finished bag – just out of curiosity…vbg.

  3. The tote is 18″x19″ but the inside measurements are 18″x16.5″

    It was one big square of double crochet around 37.5″x 23″. I hemmed the lining and then attached it by sewing around the edges with ecru thread so you don’t see it on the outside. Then I folded over the long edges over the cording. The instructions said to make the hem first but that seemed stupid because I would then have had to struggle getting the cording through a tiny seam. My way was easiest. Then the tote was folded in half and I sewed along the cording seam to join the edges.

    It was very easy to make except I didn’t do a tension gauge sample before I started crocheting so the tote was a bit wider than it needed to be. Also the pattern didn’t call for lining the tote but I didn’t want anything to fall out of it. I think if I hadn’t lined it then it would have gathered easier because in their photo it had more shape but hey it’s fine the way it is. It’s basically just a tote for carry crafts or towels to beach or whatever.

    I was going to do a fastener but the tote was so big it didn’t need one.


  4. beautiful and yes, I agree, being able to dye the lining fabric adds a lovely touch.

  5. Very cute bag…I am intrigued by fabric dyeing but haven’t tried it yet.

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