Granny afghan finished.

I’ve had this finished for about a week now but am just posting about it as life gets in the way. Hopefully my son won’t see this but anyhow here is the granny afghan that I’ve made for his upcoming birthday using mostly scraps for the colours and nine (count em) 100g balls of black in Vanna White’s line.

Afghan hanging over back railing of the deck, yes it’s huge.

The first picture I took was on an overcast day and you can’t really see the colours so I took a picture of the ghan draped over a ball indoors. The colours are a lot more brighter in person, neon in some instances, it makes for a very colourful blanket.

Dan’s blanket of many colours.

I’m currently working on a prayer shawl for whomever using yarn provided by the church and it’s almost done. I’ll have to post another picture when it’s finished in a day or two. I’ve also started working on the first of many baby items for the two babes that are being born this August and October.

At some point some sewing would be good as well. Actually my two elbows are suffering from all the crocheting I’ve been doing and knitting is not helping either so it just might be time to switch over to something else.


4 responses to “Granny afghan finished.

  1. Now doesn’t that look absolutely FANTASTIC! Love it!

  2. Great aphgan!! Your son should love it.

  3. Beautiful Karen. You son should be very happy. Hope the elbows are feeling better soon.

  4. Beautiful Karen! What a lot of work you have put into it. Such an awesome gift to receive.

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