Prayer Shawl

Well I finished the prayer shawl last night while watching television. I guess it goes to show you how much time is wasted sitting in front of the idiot box because I crocheted an entire ball of yarn.

I made this shawl from Paton’s Divine, a discontinued yarn that they had on sale at Michaels. I remember when they initially brought in this yarn for the weekly sale and it was priced at $1.99 ball. I thought wow that stuff is going to get snapped up fast but nobody seemed to want to buy it. One of the ladies that buys yarn for our group at church bought some so that’s what I used. From some posts I read on Ravelry I learned that this yarn is difficult stuff to work with.

I found the yarn soft and not that hard to deal with but it did take extra effort to pull it through the loops because it’s such a bulky yarn and I can see if you were going to knit with it, the yarn would be a nightmare. Anyhow it’s all moot as I’ve done the shawl. I’m not sure what blue stands for in the prayer shawl ministry but the idea was just to make someone a warm shawl to wrap around themselves.

This shawl was kind of hard to photograph as it was an awkward size. Blue fuzziness of soft wool, mohair, acrylic and polyester, Denium Storm.

A very basic pattern of double crochet, chain one into the spaces of the previous stitches. I wanted to crochet this project fast. It took four balls at about 2 hours per ball so not bad time-wise, I just needed breaks/days in between balls because of the elbows. Next time if I used this pattern I’d make the shawl less wide so it’s easier to drape over the arms.

I’m done crochet for a while (famous last words?).


4 responses to “Prayer Shawl

  1. Yeah right you are done with crocheting for a while….vbg. You can’t help yourself. The shawl is lovely and the colour stunning. I can see how it would be difficult to pull the wool through at times though. Well done on finishing another project.

  2. thanks for your VERY nice comment on my ABC’s 🙂

    I tend to do beading while watching TV, so is that saying that TV is boring or I’m not paying attention to my beading, LOL. I just tend to find it relaxing to bead while watching the tube.

    All of those really cool yarns out there today, I wished I could crochet (have tried but not my thing) maybe it’s a good thing, I don’t need another art “habit” or more things laying around the house 🙂

  3. Indeed it is really good shawl… i was looking for this simple design with several holes but couldnot really imagine the way to make it..could you please help me out. I am just beginner in this field and doing it as an hobby after my office time.


    • Hi jyotshna,

      The pattern is very simple. Make a starting chain of stitches to the width you want your shawl to be, end on an even number. Single crochet in the second stitch from the hook and then in each chain stitch until the end, chain 2 and turn. Do a double crochet in the first stitch, chain one, skip a stitch, double crochet in the next stitch, chain one skip a stitch…..keep doing this until you get to the end of the row, chain two and turn.

      Do a double crochet in the space you made (double crochet – chain one – double crochet, the chain one is the space) from the previous round, chain one. Crochet a double crochet in the next space, chain one…..repeat to the end, chain 2 and turn.

      The idea is to work a double crochet in the space between the two double crochets of the previous row. Always separate your double crochets with a chain one.

      If you want to look at another shawl that is similar to mind but a little nicer pattern you can visit lion brand’s website at:

      You have to register to see the patterns but it’s free and there are quite a few patterns there.

      Hope this helps,

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