Baby jacket and bonnet.

Finally took a photo of the finished baby jacket and bonnet I made for my niece who is expecting a baby in August. I had a stab at making booties but failed miserably so decided not to do them.

Baby jacket made from a pattern in the Knitter’s Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmermann.

I realise that EZ is the guru of all things knitted but I have to admit I wasn’t to impressed by the directions given. I gave them a brief glance over and started right in. My mistake as you can imagine my woe as I discovered after spending hours knitting the yoke part of the jacket that I was supposed to be placing buttons holes along the edging. I was very peeved that EZ didn’t mention the buttonholes until after the yoke section of the pattern…sort of an…”oh by the way put in a buttonhole every eighth row”.

I then went to Ravelry to find out I wasn’t the only one who made this mistake. What I should have done was gone to Ravelry (forum) and look up info on this sweater in the first place as the girls there had all sorts of tips for making this jacket especially the sleeves.

There are people who are so brilliant at what they do that when they translate something it doesn’t always come across the way it should. In others words what may be obvious to them isn’t necessarily obvious to us so little bits get left out and in this case the instructions were worded such that if you’re not familiar with the terminology/concept then you can’t get the gist of the instructions.

Anyhow the jacket is done and I probably won’t make another. Not that it was hard once I knew what to do but rather why do the same thing over if I can do something else?


3 responses to “Baby jacket and bonnet.

  1. What a stunning jacket and bonnet. Beautifully made Karen. Well done. I’m thinking I might just have to join Ravelry – it sounds like the place to be. There is nothing worse than directions that are so complicated (or wrong) that you are bound to stuff up no matter what you do. Thank heavens there are plenty of people out there willing to help.

  2. The jacket and bonnet came out really cute, I bet they will love it.

  3. Oh Karen, booties are such fun to make, its about all I make for the babies these days as I love making them.

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