18-step Colour Wheels

I’ve been busy doing stuff like gardening and reading and fabric dyeing over the last little bit, nothing to really blog about but I thought that I would post a couple of pictures of two colour wheels that I recently did.

I drew inspiration for the colour choices from the ProChem website and their gradation kits. I didn’t follow their instructions for the 30-step gradation but rather did an 18-step colour wheel using fat eighths and my own dye formulas so the colours I ended up with were slightly different than those pictured on the site.

The first colour wheel I did was called Flower Garden:

Sapphire Boysenberry Tangerine 18-step colour wheel
Sapphire – Boysenberry – Tangerine

The second colour wheel is called Autumn Blends:

Autumn Blends

Turkey Red – Butterscotch – Olive

The Flower Garden wheel used full strength dye so the colours were quite intense. For the Autumn Blends wheel I backed off and used 2 tsp of dye per cup and a half of water. I was happy with both of the colour wheels but I’d already done several jewel tone wheels before so the Autumn Blends turned out to be my favorite this time around. The wheel really does remind me of the mix of leaves that you see in autumn – yellows, reds, oranges, greeny browns, browns and reddish browns – very nice.


4 responses to “18-step Colour Wheels

  1. Yummy love those colors, both wheels turned out great!!

  2. Both wheels turned out great but I especially like the autumn blends.

  3. Got to admit I do love the autumn blends and the “mopper” fabric looks amazing. Well done.

  4. Wow! Love them both, they came out just beautiful!

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