Colour Wheels Mounted

I spent a good chunk of yesterday mounting some colour wheels I had done from a colour study last year onto paper. Most of the girls in my group use card stock but I have to admit that I just use paper. One of the girls in the forum had created a really neat file for mounting these wheels and I started off using her form for the first wheel but basically I’m a lazy writer and wanted to type in my information so I ended up creating a new document in Word, which turned out easier than I expected. The original form was pdf and I don’t have adobe so had to create a new doc file using Word.

Susan’s idea was to attach iron-on adhesive to each square and then iron the colour wheel onto the paper/cardstock. Wonderful idea and it works brilliantly. I started off using some “steam a seam 2” but ended up with “heat and bond” for no other reason than the “steam a seam 2” cost major bucks. I’d bought some of this at the fabric store with a 50% off coupon but even then it still cost over $6 a metre (Needless to say it sells for $4 in the States without the 50% off.). The heat and bond was still expensive but at 50% off was the same price for 3 yards and it was wider. I’m sure it’s less expensive in the states as well. Needless to say I found the “heat and bond” after the clerk had already cut the more expensive stuff.

Anyhow they both worked well but I have to admit that if you’re into applique the “steam a seam 2” is fantastic stuff. It’s tacky on both sides so that you can stick your fabric to it and if you don’t like where you’ve positioned your piece then you can lift it off and reposition, wonderful stuff but expensive.

Here are some photos I took of the colour wheels, unfortunately they didn’t turn out all that great I don’t know why. I tried to adjust the lighting but they still turned out on the dark side, my lack of camera expertise I guess.

Colour wheel assortment
Colour wheel assortment I did using fuchsia, cobalt and golden yellow. The dark, medium and light value colour wheels are on the top and the three colour wheels on the bottom are dark, medium and light as well but with black, brown and grey additives.

Dark Wheel closeup
Dark colour wheel closeup.

Light colour wheel mounted
Light colour wheel closeup.

Light colour wheel with grey additive using old form.

I was hoping to get all of my colour wheels done yesterday, big joke as I managed to mount 18 out of the 55 wheels that I have. Could be a long process.


5 responses to “Colour Wheels Mounted

  1. Now that has got to be the BEST way I have seen yet of storing your colour samples. I used to cut just small peices of fabric but those sizes give a much better idea of what the fabric looks like and shows the colour graduations sooooo much better than my method of small squares. Love the fact you did it on the computer – it does save time…vbg. I’m very impressed. Now if I send you my bits of fabric can you do the same for me……roflmol.

  2. Love how you done your color wheels! Can you send me a copy of your word doc? I really like that, being able to type in everything instead of writing it.

  3. Congrats on accomplishing so much! One day I will mount and file my swaps too!! lol. The wheels look fantastic! I am having computer issues and can’t load any new pics, but I did some more experimenting w/ spirals … will have them in the mail to you on Monday!

  4. Great job of mounting your color wheels. wanna do mine?

  5. candiedfabrics

    Love the way you arrange the color wheels! Overlapping the squares is just genius!

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