Gradations and a tee.

It’s been a while since I last posted but I’ve been on a reading jag for the last month or so. My daughter passed on the twilight series and then I went on from there.

I bought some baby onsies and toddler t-shirts to tie dye and decided that since I needed some more lemon yellow to go ahead and order a few extra baby colours as well.

I have four gradations below:
Baby blue Wisteria Baby pink Seafoam
Baby blue > Wisteria > Baby pink > Seafoam all from Dharma. Colour corrected with Photoshop because they were so pale. The pink is a bit to intense at the darkest level and the Wisteria is a very subtle blue with a hint of purple in it. This is a colour that might do better at a more intense level.

The colours are pretty light to start off with so it was somewhat of a waste to do a six level gradation with them but I’m glad I did the gradation because I like the baby pink and blue at a less intense colour. The only problem being that a tee-shirt usually does better with a more saturated dye as it’s thicker material so I’ll probably go with the darkest shade and see how that turns out. I thought the Wisteria would be more purple but I was confusing this colour with the samples of ProChem’s wisteria.

I have been doing crafts but they are all things that I’ve done before so I haven’t posted them but I did do a tie-dye tee for my son’s girlfriend so thought I’d post that as well:

Mal's tee
Basic turquoise, fuchsia and lemon yellow.


4 responses to “Gradations and a tee.

  1. Love those colors Karen, and the tshirt turned out spectacular!

  2. Great colors for pastels, I love the tshirt also.

  3. Love the t-shirt! I get to make a tie dyed baby quilt for one of my dearest friends who has unexpectedly found herself 40 and pregnant (well, she knew she was turning 40!). I am going to use those same colors and thinking of putting a big spiral in the center. It will be fun!! Thankfully I have until December…

  4. LOVE that Seafoam, have been wondering about that color myself. You mentioned that the colors were so light, could you deepen them with possibly adding another 1 or 2 tsp of dye powder? I know in our dye group we’re to use 1 tsp for reds, but when I use 3 tsp of the turkish red or fire red, I get a very nice & deep red (that you don’t see if you only use 1 tsp).

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