Shibori Tool

I’ve had a few requests for where I got this tool. I replied individually like I normally do to posts then it occured to me that I could save myself some trouble if I just post the link online.

I bought this tool a couple of years ago while on vacation in Vancouver at a shop called Maiwa and they carry quite a few supplies from Japan. Unfortunately the price seems to have gone up from the $19.95 I paid to $39.95. I thought I’d post a few pictures so people could see what the tool looks like and whether or not they want to spend that kind of money on such a small device. I believe this is the same as the “shibori kit” but maybe people should write and ask before ordering.

disassembled tool
Disassembled tool.

Needle tip
Needle tip.

Shibori tool
Tool clamped to bookcase.

Box view 1.

box 2
Box view 2 showing different tying techniques.

box price
Box view 3 with picture of tool and price.

Instructions in Japanese, English instructions are provided as well I just don’t know where I’ve put them.


9 responses to “Shibori Tool

  1. thanks for taking the time to post all the detailed photos Karen!

  2. Someone made a fortune inventing that…vbg. Thanks for the photos it has cleared up the mystery on what it looked like.

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  4. Karen, I bought the tool and your explanations and pictures are far superior to what else I have seen. Love the fabric.
    Buyers beware. it is $40 for the tool which seems to be outrageously priced for what it is and the shipping from Maiwa to Missouri was $17. must be the handling charge since it comes in a small padded envelope.
    that said I am really looking forward to doing this.
    and yes it does look like a sea urchin or a witch with a bad hair day. ann

    • Fortunately when I bought it the tool was $20. I think it’s so much money because they import it from Japan so the shipping charges might be what makes the tool expensive. I must say it does hold up to a lot of pressure. Be careful when using it because although the needle does look small it’s very sharp and it’s easy to get your fingers caught up in it when trying to wind the thread around the fabric. I sliced myself pretty good a couple of times.

  5. Ich habe das Tool aus Canada bestellt, der Preis war 39,99 canadischer Dollar, Lieferung war CAD 59,20 und ich habe Eu 14,54 Zoll bezahlt nach München. Es muss doch etwas Gutes sein, ich hoffe es.

    • Translation:

      I have the tool from Canada ordered, the price was $39.99 canadischer, delivery was CAD 59.20 and I have paid for EU 14.54 inch after Munich. There must be a good thing, I hope it.

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