Vacation and Shibori Pillow

Well I’m back from vacation and a good time was had by all. Thought I’d post a couple of pictures of my most favorite place to be in Vancouver and that’s the Spanish Banks. Think of Vancouver as being in the centre of a horseshoe and the spanish banks along the one side of the horseshoe.

When the tide is out you can walk out from the shore about a kilometre or so and the sight is phenomenal. I always love going there and if I only had one spot to visit this would be it.

At the shore of the spanish banks
Starting out at the shore of the Spanish Banks, Vancouver, Canada.

Looking out across the harbour
Looking out to the middle channel from the shore.

Dog keep west
The beach is a popular place for dogs and owners so the shore is divided into an area for the dogs to play.

Looking east towards Vancouver
Looking east along the tidal flat to the city of Vancouver.

Starfish stranded at low tide.

Yours truely it's all about the tie dye
Yours truely, its all about the tie-dye.

In front of signal light
In front of a harbour signal light.

In front of signal light close-up
Close-up of the above shot standing about a couple of yards in front of the signal light.

Dead crab.

Looking back to shore
Looking back to shore from the edge of the channel at low tide.

Karen and Sarah another harbour signal light
One more picture of another harbour light that marks the opening of the channel into the Vancouver harbour. At this point the tide has turned and is starting to come in and now it’s a race back to the shore before we get stranded.

Encounters of the close kind
Back at the car, big owie. As we were rushing back to shore I turned back to see how far we had come and ploughed into a log mid-stride. You get submerged logs from the logging industry spotted along the coast and ships and boats really have to keep an eye out for these hazards. This log reminded me of the ones you see along the roadside as telephone poles. It was partially submerged and I didn’t see it until I was on top of it. I had a choice of either falling face forward or twisting backwards which I did but unfortunately my leg brushed up against it as I fell. LOL, I hadn’t planned on taking a swim.

Another favorite spot of mine is Granville Island. It’s an artsy spot with lots of little craft shops and a wonderful market that has the most yummy fritters full of apple or raspberry filling. The amazing thing about these fritters is that they are huge and one fritter will easily satisfy three people and they are made fresh on the spot. Another favorite shop is of course Maiwa that sells all the dye supplies that a person could want.

Maiwa also has a shop where they sell clothing and linens and while I was there I bought a pillow case that I became enamoured with. Lol, I admit to buying it so I could try and figure out how to do the same process at home…well that and it was gorgeous.

pillow from Maiwa
Pillow from Maiwa.

Flip side of pillow from Maiwa
Flip side of the pillow.

Closeup of shibori
Close-up of shibori work.

I have an idea of how the pillow was made but I’m not positive so if any one has any ideas let me know.


4 responses to “Vacation and Shibori Pillow

  1. That is a cool pillow looks like it was discharged but no sure. Sounds like you had a great vacation.

  2. Love the photos, especially the one of you. Actually for a moment I thought I was looking at a photo of a girl I went to school with. She had the same colour hair and even smiled like you. Ouch with the leg – hope it’s on the mend and you are enjoying being at home again. Love the pillow case. What an interesting way of dyeing it.

  3. first of all, thanks for all of your wonderful comments on my blog posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    your pillow looks like it went thru two different shibori dyeings, the pleating & the little circles being wrapped with thread, it was then all dyed & then the pleated was untied/unclamped & dyed again waiting to untie the little wraps circles after it was removed from the dye bath

    that’s how it appears to me but I could be wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. glad you had a wonderful vacation – that star fish is beautiful, and you did a very nice job coordinating your tie dye with it! Gorgeous pillow case. Looking forward to your experiments!

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