Redsuit continued…

Well yesterday I spent about six hours sewing, something I haven’t done in a long while. My youngest son was on his way back to McMaster University and engineering. He belongs to the redsuits and part of his duties is to help out during frosh week with the first year students and help them get moved into their dorms…well that and partying and having a good time.

He stands about 6′ 3″ and his suit wasn’t long enough in the torso for him to wear it comfortably so this year I managed to make some adjustments before he took off. I picked apart the waist and added in a good five inches and then sewed on some badges he picked up while trapsing around Japser National Park and Vancouver with his buddy this August.

I’ve blogged this suit before when I added some shibori and tie-dye fabric to it the first year. Here’s what it looked like first year:

Dan’s redsuit from first year, front view.

Redsuit back view.

Here is what it looks like after the adjustments:

Dan in redsuit front view
Dan in redsuit at front of house, black waistband inserted with badges.

Dan in redsuit side view
Back of suit.

Not only did I attach the black waist but I re-did the black lettering on the legs which was beginning to fray and come off. I used “steam a seam2” and I’m hoping that they will hold as I didn’t leave enough time to take apart the leg seams and zig-zag down the letters.

The suit still looks a bit bare but maybe some more black lettering with his name on top and some other stuff? LOL, that’ll probably wait until next year at the last moment as well.


3 responses to “Redsuit continued…

  1. great idea to lengthen it. It looks good.

  2. The suit looks good Karen – and the son isn’t bad either…vbg. Love the fact he didn’t even get his shoes on for the photos.

  3. I like the new and improved red suit Karen. It is looking good.

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