Fabric matching

Just a quick post. Yesterday I needed to dye a piece of fabric to match some commercial fabric I had on hand that I wanted to use in a quilt so I got out my swatch book – the one with all my colour gradations of the various dyes. Low and behold there it was bronze, who would have thunk bronze would be the match but it was so I dyed up just over a metre and was so tickled to have it turn out the proper match that I just had to post.

ProChem bronze and commercial fabric
ProChem’s bronze and commercial fabric.

I’ve done this several times where I’ve gone to the swatch book and made a match and every time I think it’s so neat that I now have this ability.


3 responses to “Fabric matching

  1. Well done. I love the colour. Now I see why you keep sticking down all those swatches. Ahhh if only I was that organised…vbg….I’m more a grab and dye kind of gal.

  2. Karen that looks wonderful. I also enjoy my swatch book and all the great colors in it.

  3. Well done, I am never that lucky.


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