This and That…

I’ve been working on a few projects lately and finished one over the weekend. We have a lady at church who is very talented and aside from being a great singer and musician she also does puppetry and one of the puppets she uses is called Miss Ewe.

I have a book that I recently aquired a few months ago called Tea Cozies and while flipping through it I found Miss Ewe and decided to make her to give to my friend.

Lamb tea cosy
“Sheepish Look” tea cosy pattern by Caroline Lowbridge from the book “Tea Cozies”.

I’ve also been working on this project, which is supposed to be a surprise for my daughter so I’m only posting part of it and will post the finished product after the baby shower this Saturday. I don’t think she reads my blog so Jen if you’re reading this don’t.

Bug jar quilt
Project teaser.

And of course being proud grandma I get to post pictures of my new grandson and so I thought this one was very precious that his mom took.

Baby chase
Baby Chase.

I guess that’s all for today.

5 responses to “This and That…

  1. Ohh I don’t know what I love most – the tea cosy, the quilt or Chase. No wait – I’ve made up my mind – it has to be Chase. Isn’t he just gorgeous. Babies have the sweetest most serious looks some days.

  2. He sure is a sweetie, he sure looks older then a few days.

  3. Karen I’ve just bought that knitting book last weekend and I just cannot wait to start knitting one or more of the tea cosies. in fact I found 2 books on the subject, both with lovely, funky designs. have to finish 2 freeform knitted handbags first. found a book on knitting and crocheting flowers, fruits and leaves as well. great for decorating tea cosies and handbags.
    what a lovely pictures of your grandson. he looks really precious. enjoy him as much as you can & give him a cuddle from me.

  4. I love the Tea Cosy so much!

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