Bug Jar Quilt continued…

I finally finished the top today. I auditioned pieces of material for a border around the bronze and came up with a really nice one of boysenberry and basic blue (ProChem) but the piece wasn’t big enough so I dyed a larger piece last night and then added the borders today.

Bug jar quilt 2
Bug jar quilt front, handdyed bronze and boysenberry/basic blue mix borders.

The bronze borders match the brown in the background material of the jars and this is the same material I wrote about a couple of posts earlier. The idea is the jars are sitting in a pantry. The purple went well with the bronze and the black with the purple.

I have additional bug fabric that could have gone for the borders but I figured it would look too busy so I’m saving that material for the back of the quilt which I hope to finish tomorrow, then I guess I’ll quilt it on Friday. I was trying to figure out how to quilt around the jars but it’s going to look funny on the back so now I’m thinking to just go simplistic and do an all-over meandering stitch and that way the quilt will be reversible and the back won’t look funny with misplaced quilted jars on the back. I’m thinking lime green for the binding.

I hope to get a better picture once it’s all done as the lighting was poor in the kitchen as its dark and gloomy outside. The quilt is even more vivid in person.


3 responses to “Bug Jar Quilt continued…

  1. I love it, Karen! I made one of these for Joseph when he was little. He still has it (folded up in his closet!). They are so much fun. I love the boysenberry and blue!

  2. I love it! I just bought some farmer’s market fabrics by RJR and have been looking for ideas and am set on the bug jar pattern to make some table toppers and one is going to be my “sign” for when I do my craft booth at the farmers market. I so love your idea how it looks like they are sitting on shelves in the pantry. Gorgeous job!

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