Crocheted Bag With Shibori Lining.

Back at the beginning of August I blogged about a technique called Kumo – spider web – shibori and mentioned I was going to use the fabric in a project. The link is here: Spider Web Shibori to see the fabric.

I didn’t want to post a picture of my project because it was a gift for a friend overseas and since she had given me the link for the bag I was afraid she would clue in as to who the gift was going to. Well my parcel finally made it to it’s recipient (only took 2-1/2 months) so now I can blog what I made.

This bag is from a pattern in Ravelry called Inga’s Crocheted Bag. I’d post a link but you have to be a member on Ravelry to be able to call it up so just type in “Inga’s Crocheted Bag” and you’ll pull up the pattern.

The neat thing about Ravelry is that once a pattern is out there people will post their finished project and talk about them so I was able to see all kinds of colourways and get hints about the bag which I put to good use. The originial pattern calls for a 7 row square but most thought this was too big so I only did five and some mentioned that the handles tended to stretch so I re-enforced the straps by weaving extra cotton into the stitches.

The lining was a bit tricky for me because I haven’t done this type of thing before but a couple of pictures on Ravelry helped to clue me in. I put in lining because I didn’t want anything to fall through the holes in the crocheted stitches.

Lining of tote bag
Inside of crocheted bag with Kumo shibori lining.

When the pieces are sewn together the bag turns out to be square.

Tote for Catherine
Bag hanging from cupboard door.

Anyhow glad that the bag finally made it’s way overseas to Australia, I was beginning to freak out that it had been lost.


2 responses to “Crocheted Bag With Shibori Lining.

  1. very very cool, and just as gorgeous inside out!

  2. Ohh it arrived and I love it…vbg.

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