Bug Jar Quilt Finished.

Well here are a couple of pictures of the bug jar quilt finished. I was going to dye up some lime green to use as binding as I thought that would go well with the purple. When I went upstairs to the closet I noticed a lime green butterfly print. What could be more perfect – lime green with bugs!

Finished bug quilt front with lime green binding.

Finished quilt back with varigated purple/pink thread.

And of course Chase just had to check out his new blankie, heh, heh…

“Why Grandma, of course I like your blankie the best!”


10 responses to “Bug Jar Quilt Finished.

  1. akentuckycreation

    I have a friend that made a bug jar quilt. I will send her your site. I don’t do much quilting, but enjoy other crafts. My blog is about cooking, recipes, etc. Maybe you will stop by sometime.


    • Thanks Lee, I dropped by your blog and I’ll be sure to check it out some more. I like the fact that you’ve included recipes that are sized for larger gatherings. I had to put on a dinner for a fund raiser at the church once and it’s hard to find recipes for a large crowd.

      Karen >

  2. I love Chase’s bug jar quilt. He is growing up so fast.

  3. What a cute, cute quilt

  4. My friend Lee sent me this link. You did an awesome job! I made one for charity and am working on one for a child I keep.
    I’ll be back to see you.

  5. What pattern did you use for this bug jar quilt? It’s so cute!

    • Hi Tiffany, I did this quilt by doing a Google search on “bug jar quilt” and pulled up a pattern for the block. I had also looked at some of the pictures of bug jar quilts on Google (click images at the top) and decided that I liked the look of the jars in a pantry shelf so I just made the blocks using the black background sewed them together and then added the brown sashes to make it look like the jars were in a pantry. Just do a search and you’ll find the block pattern.

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