Gifts from Afar.

Very stoked to find a parcel on the front porch the other day. I thought it was a couple of shirts I’d ordered online but it turned out to be a gift from my friend Catherine overseas in Australia. I hadn’t been expecting anything so was completely surprised to see it.

I debated about whether or not to save it for Christmas but was encouraged by Catherine to open it so being the strong-willed woman I am I caved vbg.

Catherine has a wonderful blog called Calidore and she is the most talented woman aside from being a fantastic wife and mother. Look what she made me:

Tea cosy made by Catherine.

I’d been thinking how I needed a tea cosy just last week while my husband and I were sitting at the table enjoying a pot but I despaired of finding time to make one at this time of year so how amazing that I got sent one in the mail and so beautiful as well. Catherine does her own spinning and the base is some beautiful alpaca that she spun. I would never make something so fancy for myself so I’m thrilled to get this.

And of course what else should you need aside from the tea cosy but some tea and biscuits to go with it:

Loose tea with yummy chocolate teddy bear biscuits.

I should mention that the tea cosy is a perfect fit, lol, better than the one I recently made. All in all a most marvellous gift, thanks Catherine.

I also finished a hat for baby Chase my grandson. The pattern is taken from a wonderful book called Baby Beanies – Happy Hats to Knit for Little Heads

“Pompom Bear” from Baby Beanies.

I’m not sure if it’s the right size but I can add to it if it’s too small and make it larger. Very easy to make it’s basically a tube sewn shut at the top with a couple of pompoms attached.


2 responses to “Gifts from Afar.

  1. wow! That tea cozy is amazing! What a good friend you have! And talented!

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