Moda Scrap Bags…Part 2.

Well I haven’t gotten the quilt top together but thought I’d post a couple pictures of the fabrics I dyed yesterday to use as backing and binding for the quilt. These were colours that I mixed up myself from primaries.

But first, from the Waldie kitchen…

Pantry organized with Tupperware modular mates.

I’ve gone full circle when it comes to Tupperware. When I first started out I thought it was the greatest thing but the problem is storing the stuff when it’s not in use as it does take up cupboard space. Now with all of the environmental concerns I’m trying to kick the Ziploc bag habit because I must admit that I’m a Ziploc bag junkie. Now I’ve gone back to the Tupperware containers and redone my kitchen pantry having about 2/3’s of it in modular mates. The idea being I will try to buy at the bulk food store and cut back on pre-packaged goods. To be honest it’s probably more expensive doing it this way but at least I’m doing my bit for the ecology and for once my pantry is organized instead of a big jumble of food.

I’ve also turned into a thrift store junkie. LOL, the idea behind this is at least if I’m going to buy something it’ll be recycled and less expensive to boot. Anyhow I’ve picked up a few older Tupperware pieces and one that I’ve lusted after came up for grabs at the local Value Village. It is the gelatin mold and I just had to try it out.

Jello and fruit mold using Tupperware.

And here are the pictures of the dyed material.

Lemon yellow MX-8G and turquoise MX-G.

Lemon yellow doesn’t like to play with other colours I don’t know why maybe it strikes first but this was supposed to be a green and white parfait but I guess I used to much dye so no white patches and the yellow seems to have settled out except in a couple of spots so now it looks like a lime green – yellow parfait but all is well since green and yellow are in the quilt top.

Orange created from lemon yellow and mixing red MX-5B.

This was paler to start off with. I ignored the little voice in my head that told me to double the amount of dye to get a deep bold orange so I ended up having to re-dye the piece. The orange in the first dye job matched but didn’t give the quilt that zing I wanted that the second dye job did.

Spring fever remnants with deep orange to be used for binding the quilt.

And the last photo is a piece of material that I dyed for one of my upcoming swaps that is an exchange of fat eighths using flower colours.

Dharma’s wisteria.

I admit that this photo isn’t true to colour in that it’s darker. It didn’t matter how I tinkered in Photoshop I couldn’t come up with the right shade. As far as I’m concerned wisteria is a purple flower and the colour sample on the Dharma site shows it as a light purple shade but twice now I’ve used this dye and it’s come up with being mainly a pale blue with hints of light purple undertones. Very pretty but not what I expected.


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