Some finished UFO’s…

Thought I’d post some pictures of some finished projects that I’ve had on the go. Expect me to be blogging more lately as I’ve made the decision to cut back on the horrendous amount of time I’ve been spending on the computer. I’ve taken a break from my forums and decided to dedicate that time to getting things done around here so I should have more finished crafts to share in the future.

First off is a pair of pj bottoms that I made for my grandson Chase. They are a bit on the large size but I’m sure he’ll grow into them quite quickly. There’s nothing special about them except his parents have been teaching him American sign language (apparently babies can sign quicker than they can talk) and one of the favorite words his daddy likes to use is “touchdown”. This is one of the words on the flannel.

Flannel pj bottoms.

Well to match the pj bottoms I decided to dye up one of the onsies that I’ve had sitting around here for so long. I had tied these and soda ash soaked them and then left them to dry out. If you apply the dye to a dry tied shirt then the material will wick up more dye than if you’d applied the dye to a wet shirt. The idea being that the water acts as a kind of resist. What happens is that there is less white showing in the tied folds and in this case no white except for the polyester thread used to sew the shirt together.

Cerulean blue and navy blue onsie and matching socks.

And finally I finished off the shawl I was making. This project took forever to finish. I know I procrastinate but it still took a long time to do given the lacy pattern I used and the type of yarn as well. It’s much quicker crocheting a shawl and next time I’ll most likely make a shawl without a point to it. You start off increasing quickly but by the end it takes forever to go across one row.

Jon’s fiancee modeling the shawl for me.

I’m presently working on finishing up a crocheted purse I started months ago. I have a couple more squares to go before I sew it together and then if I like the size of it I’ll probably dye up some material to match and line it.


2 responses to “Some finished UFO’s…

  1. Love the PJ pants and the dyed onsie. Just gorgeous. I always made my kids pants bigger – by the time they fitted over their nappies a bit extra room was hand. The shawl turned out beautifully – I’m so impressed.

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