Island Batiks

I had a birthday recently so indulged and ordered some fat quarters from Hancocks of Paducah. The second half of my order appeared in the mailbox, this was the part that was back-ordered and was shipped three days later. Who knows where the first half with most of the fabric is, probably stuck in customs waiting to be assessed for taxes. It doesn’t pay to order in large quantities but if you order over $100 for international orders using the special coupon you get shipping free, which of course will go to help pay the taxes.

Anyhow thought I’d post a picture of the fabrics so people could get an idea of what there like in case they want to order some.

Island Batik in the colourway “Island Batik Blues”, ordered from Hancock’s of Paducah.

Very pretty but it’ll be a while until I figure out just the right project for them but probably some kind of lap quilt.


2 responses to “Island Batiks

  1. Well belated Happy Birthday and why didn’t you let me know??? Love the fabrics. I confess I don’t normally like Batiks but these are stunning and just the thing for a birthday present.

    • Have to admit that I never thought of it because that weekend was so rushed. My birthday is on Valentine’s day so things get a little hectic.

      I love batiks but have never tried to use them so we’ll see how they work out.


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