Crocheted Large Tote.

Yesterday I finished off the large tote I was making. I’d originally done this tote bag and given it to my friend Catherine as a surprise gift. I decided to crochet the bag again only this time making it with the original seven rows the pattern called for. I knew it would be big but it turned out even bigger than I expected.

Inga’s crocheted bag, pattern on Ravelry. Yarn handicrafter’s by Bernat.

Bag filled with various items.

I was originally going to use the bag for the grocery store but it’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to heft the groceries in it nor do I think the handles would be able to handle the stress put upon them. Instead I think I’ll just use it to store the extra yarn or unfinished quilts that are laying around the house. If I need a tote to take blankets somewhere then this will do the job. Too bad baby Chase wasn’t standing on his own because he’d probably fill up the bag just nicely and give size perspective to the photos vbg.


2 responses to “Crocheted Large Tote.

  1. I’m glad you made my bag smaller. That one would be dragging on the ground as Iwalked…vbg. Ohh and I always get a lovely comment on my bag when I use it – which is lots I might add. So many people have admired it – makes me feel good with it on my arm not to mention the fact that it holds all my treasures/crap safely.

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