More fabric…

Well I received the second half of the shipment from Hancock’s today so it was a nice morning to wake up to.

Here are the other two bundles of fabric that I’d ordered:

The William Morris Workshop fat quarters from Moda by designer Barbara Brackman.

I was lucky to get these as it was the last bundle on their site. I’ve since gone back and don’t see any more so I guess that’s it for William Morris fat quarters unless Hancock’s get some more in. This isn’t the full line of Morris fat quarters. There may be a few other websites that have the full bundle for sale.

The next three photos are from the Nature’s Notebook fat quarter bundle from Moda by designer April Cornell.

First sixteen fat quarters.

Second lot of sixteen fat quarters.

Last fat quarter for a total of 33 fat quarters in the bundle.

The fabrics are a bit more muted than what I’ve posted. I took the photos in low-light so darkened them a bit in photoshop. Very nice fabric, not sure what I’m going to do with the Morris prints but they were so beautiful I couldn’t resist them. For the blue and yellow I may try a wedding ring quilt or some other cottage type of quilt.


2 responses to “More fabric…

  1. Love the fabric especially the Natures Notebook fat quarters. I’m sure that I looked at them a while ago and was tempted but didn’t buy. Now i wish I had…vbg. I am looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    • They’re nice aren’t they? I just had an inspirational flash this morning when thinking about what I wanted to do with them and I was thinking that a dresden plate quilt made out of the Nature’s Notebook would look really good. Some of the fat quarters remind me of those blue and white porcelain plates you see in kitchens so it might work.


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